Sun, May 2612:40 PM[Sel] 15U220(6) West Hill(3) North YorkBond 6-8
Sun, May 263:00 PM[Sel] 11U136(4) East York Red(10) East Toronto WhiteEast Toronto Athletic Field (Ted Reeve)18-3
Sun, May 263:30 PM[Sel] 9U249(3) Leaside 9U(8) North YorkBond 55-9
Sun, May 264:00 PM[Sel] 13U165(9) Wexford-Agincourt Minor(3) North Toronto WhiteWanless9-15
Sun, May 265:15 PM[Sel] 13U167(6) Wexford-Agincourt Major(10) West HillHighland Creek9-12
Sun, May 265:30 PM[Sel] 13U164(8) East Toronto(10) West HillHighland Creek8-5
Sun, May 266:00 PM[Sel] 11U100(2) Leaside 10U(1) Leaside 11UTrace Manes5-4
Sun, May 266:00 PM[Sel] 9U250(11) West Hill(8) North YorkBond 53-18
Sun, May 266:30 PM[Sel] 9U247(5) East York Black(4) East York RedStan Wadlow 42-18
Sun, May 266:30 PM[Sel] 9U246(2) Leaside 8U(9) Wexford-AgincourtWishing Well6-9
Sun, May 266:30 PM[Sel] 11U101(13) Wexford-Agincourt 2(4) East York RedStan Wadlow2-12
Sun, May 266:30 PM[Sel] 9U248(10) Birchmount(6) North Toronto WhiteOriole5-20
Sun, May 266:30 PM[Sel] 11U104(12) Toronto Girls(11) West HillWest Hill Park-
Sun, May 266:30 PM[Sel] 11U103(8) Wexford-Agincourt 1(3) East York BlackWest Hill Park12-11
Sun, May 266:30 PM[Sel] 13U168(5) North York(11) Leaside MajorHoward Talbot10-4
Sun, May 266:30 PM[Sel] 15U219(5) East Toronto(2) North TorontoEglinton North2-10
Sun, May 266:30 PM[Sel] 13U166(1) Leaside Minor(7) BirchmountBirchmount7-8
Sun, May 266:30 PM[Sel] 9U245(1) Leaside 7U(7) North Toronto GreenOriole4-10
Thu, May 306:30 PM[Sel] 11U107(12) Toronto Girls(1) Leaside 11UClanton Park0-15
Fri, May 318:00 PM[Sel] 15U218(1) East York(4) Wexford-AgincourtMcGregor 17-1
Sat, Jun 16:30 PM[Sel] 11U102(7) North York(5) North Toronto GreenMemorial 15-2
Sun, Jun 21:00 PM[Sel] 9U254(6) North Toronto White(9) Wexford-AgincourtWishing Well14-0
Sun, Jun 21:00 PM[Sel] 11U110(2) Leaside 10U(3) East York BlackDieppe4-3
Sun, Jun 22:30 PM[Sel] 11U108(5) North Toronto Green(4) East York RedStan Wadlow1-7
Sun, Jun 23:00 PM[Sel] 15U221(5) East Toronto(1) East YorkStan Wadlow 16-9
Sun, Jun 24:00 PM[Sel] 11U111(13) Wexford-Agincourt 2(8) Wexford-Agincourt 1Iroquois 9-10
Sun, Jun 24:00 PM[Sel] 9U255(4) East York Red(10) BirchmountBirchmount
Sun, Jun 25:15 PM[Sel] 13U169(2) East York(5) North YorkBond 48-9
Sun, Jun 26:30 PM[Sel] 11U109(11) West Hill(6) North Toronto WhiteMemorial -
Sun, Jun 26:30 PM[Sel] 13U174(6) Wexford-Agincourt Major(9) Wexford-Agincourt MinorWishing Well10-5
Sun, Jun 26:30 PM[Sel] 11U112(10) East Toronto White(8) Wexford-Agincourt 1Iroquois 8-11
Sun, Jun 26:30 PM[Sel] 11U200(3) East York Black(6) North Toronto WhiteMemorial Park6-7
Sun, Jun 26:30 PM[Sel] 11U113(9) East Toronto Blue(7) North YorkBond 1-16
Sun, Jun 26:30 PM[Sel] 13U171(7) Birchmount(8) East TorontoEast Toronto Athletic Field (Ted Reeve)7-15
Sun, Jun 26:30 PM[Sel] 9U256(11) West Hill(10) BirchmountBirchmount
Sun, Jun 26:30 PM[Sel] 13U170(3) North Toronto White(1) Leaside MinorHoward Talbot5-6
Sun, Jun 26:30 PM[Sel] 15U222(2) North Toronto(6) West HillHeron3-7
Sun, Jun 26:30 PM[Sel] 9U251(2) Leaside 8U(7) North Toronto GreenOriole19-13
Sun, Jun 26:30 PM[Sel] 9U252(1) Leaside 7U(3) Leaside 9UTrace Manes2-24
Sun, Jun 26:30 PM[Sel] 9U253(8) North York(5) East York BlackStan Wadlow 4
Sun, Jun 26:30 PM[Sel] 15U223(3) North York(4) Wexford-AgincourtMcGregor 14-9
Sun, Jun 26:30 PM[Sel] 13U172(10) West Hill(4) North Toronto GreenWanless9-12
Sat, Jun 89:00 AM[Sel] 11U146(13) Wexford-Agincourt 2(6) North Toronto WhiteMemorial 13-7
Sat, Jun 811:15 AM[Sel] 13U216(5) North York(4) North Toronto GreenWanless4-6
Sun, Jun 910:00 AM[Sel] 15U224(6) West Hill(1) East YorkStan Wadlow 110-3
Sun, Jun 912:00 PM[Sel] 13U181(11) Leaside Major(1) Leaside MinorGoulding14-15
Sun, Jun 912:00 PM[Sel] 13U180(7) Birchmount(5) North YorkBond 46-6
Sun, Jun 912:40 PM[Sel] 15U226(5) East Toronto(3) North YorkBond 4-6
Sun, Jun 93:45 PM[Sel] 13U178(9) Wexford-Agincourt Minor(1) Leaside MinorHoward Talbot2-15
Sun, Jun 94:00 PM[Sel] 11U115(6) North Toronto White(10) East Toronto WhiteEast Toronto Athletic Field (Ted Reeve)20-5
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