Sun, May 2712:00 PM(2) Leaside Minors(7) North York BlueBondMosquito3-15
Sun, May 273:00 PM(6) North Toronto Green(4) East YorkDieppeMosquito5-13
Sun, May 275:00 PM(4) Wexford-Agincourt(1) East YorkStan Wadlow 1Bantam4-15
Sun, May 275:30 PM(10) West Hill(5) North York ALBond 4Peewee4-7
Sun, May 276:00 PM(7) North Toronto White(1) Leaside MajorTrace ManesRookieball14-15
Sun, May 276:00 PM(10) Wexford-Agincourt(2) Leaside MinorLeasideRookieball16-6
Sun, May 276:00 PM(3) Leaside Jr(5) East York BlackStan Wadlow 4Rookieball7-8
Sun, May 276:30 PM(1) Leaside(2) East YorkStan WadlowPeewee0-10
Sun, May 276:30 PM(9) Wexford-Agincourt 2(3) North TorontoWanlessPeewee8-9
Sun, May 276:30 PM(8) North York White(10) Wexford-Agincourt GreenWishing WellMosquito11-13
Sun, May 276:30 PM(1) Leaside Majors(12) West HillWest Hill defaultMosquito7-0
Sun, May 276:30 PM(8) East Toronto Blue(6) Wexford-Agincourt 1Wishing WellPeewee3-15
Sun, May 276:30 PM(3) Leaside United(11) East TorontoEast Toronto Sports Field (Ted Reeve)Mosquito5-15
Sun, May 276:30 PM(12) West Hill(11) BirchmountBirchmountRookieball1-7
Sun, May 276:30 PM(8) North York(9) East TorontoEast Toronto Sports Field (Ted Reeve)Rookieball19-1
Sun, May 276:30 PM(6) Birchmount(2) North TorontoEglinton NBantam1-15
Sun, May 276:30 PM(7) West Hill(3) North YorkBond Bantam0-5
Sun, May 276:30 PM(4) East York Red(6) North Toronto RedOrioleRookieball17-2
Sun, May 276:30 PM(9) Wexford-Agincourt White(5) North Toronto WhiteMemorial RedMosquito12-12
Sun, May 277:30 PM(5) East Toronto(1) East YorkStan Wadlow 1Bantam0-3
Fri, Jun 17:00 PM(7) East Toronto Grey(10) West HillBurrows HallPeewee4-7
Sat, Jun 25:30 PM(5) North York AL(4) North York NLBond 4Peewee10-3
Sun, Jun 310:00 AM(5) North York AL(9) Wexford-Agincourt 2Wishing WellPeewee17-4
Sun, Jun 312:00 PM(4) East York(8) North York WhiteBondMosquito17-9
Sun, Jun 312:30 PM(4) North York NL(2) East YorkStan WadlowPeewee4-15
Sun, Jun 312:30 PM(10) Wexford-Agincourt Green(3) Leaside UnitedBayview VillageMosquito1-15
Sun, Jun 31:30 PM(3) North York(6) BirchmountHighviewBantam11-0
Sun, Jun 33:00 PM(5) North Toronto White(1) Leaside MajorsBayview VillageMosquito9-4
Sun, Jun 34:00 PM(7) North York Blue(9) Wexford-Agincourt WhiteWishing WellMosquito8-13
Sun, Jun 34:00 PM(2) North Toronto(5) East TorontoHighviewBantam11-5
Sun, Jun 36:00 PM(2) Leaside Minor(4) East York RedStan Wadlow 4 ppdRookieball1-16
Sun, Jun 36:00 PM(9) East Toronto(7) North Toronto WhiteOriole ppdRookieball-
Sun, Jun 36:00 PM(11) Birchmount(10) Wexford-AgincourtWishing Well ppdRookieball-
Sun, Jun 36:30 PM(4) Wexford-Agincourt(5) East TorontoHighviewBantam2-8
Sun, Jun 36:30 PM(3) Leaside Jr(12) West HillWest HillRookieball4-1
Sun, Jun 36:30 PM(1) East York(7) West HillHeron Bantam18-1
Sun, Jun 36:30 PM(6) North Toronto Red(8) North YorkBond ppd Jul 22Rookieball3-18
Sun, Jun 36:30 PM(2) Leaside Minors(11) East TorontoEast Toronto Sports Field (Ted Reeve)Mosquito3-11
Sun, Jun 36:30 PM(5) East York Black(1) Leaside MajorTrace Manes ppdRookieball0-18
Sun, Jun 36:30 PM(12) West Hill(6) North Toronto GreenMemorial Red WH defaultMosquito0-7
Mon, Jun 46:30 PM(7) West Hill(2) North TorontoEglinton NBantam
Mon, Jun 46:30 PM(4) Wexford-Agincourt(6) BirchmountHighviewBantam
Sat, Jun 99:30 AM(5) North York AL(7) East Toronto GreyEast Toronto Sports Field (Ted Reeve)Peewee8-5
Sat, Jun 912:00 PM(8) East Toronto Blue(5) North York ALBond 4Peewee4-14
Sun, Jun 1012:00 PM(1) Leaside Majors(7) North York BlueBondMosquito
Sun, Jun 1012:30 PM(9) Wexford-Agincourt White(3) Leaside UnitedBayview VillageMosquito8-2
Sun, Jun 102:00 PM(6) North Toronto Green(2) Leaside MinorsKew GardensMosquito11-7
Sun, Jun 103:00 PM(11) Birchmount(2) Leaside MinorLeasideRookieball13-12
Sun, Jun 103:00 PM(12) West Hill(4) East YorkDieppe WH defaultMosquito0-7
Sun, Jun 104:00 PM(11) East Toronto(10) Wexford-Agincourt GreenWishing WellMosquito17-1
1 2 3 4

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